Bates County Fair July 5th – July 11th

There are changes on the schedule for the 2021 Bates County Fair. The bash will hit the fairgrounds on

Wednesday, July 7th at 5 pm. Bring a lawn chair and enjoy an assortment of meals, sandwiches, desserts

and soft drinks served by several Bates County Organizations.  Stay for the Bates County Talent Show

hosted by Bates County Farm Bureau of Butler. at 5:30 followed by the Baby and Toddler Contest. It all

happens on Wednesday July 7th at 5 pm! We hope you enjoy at the Bates County Fair. The Bates County

Fair announced that there will not be a publication of a 2021 Bates County Fair Book for the public. The

schedule of events will appear on the KMAM KMOE Facebook page, the website and

will be posted online by Bates County Live.