Bates County Fair Junior Livestock Show

The Bates County Fair encourages the community to attend the Junior Livestock sale on Friday, July 9th.

Awards will be presented at 7:00 followed by the Junior Livestock Sale promptly at 7:30. The sale is a

year-long project for Bates County 4-H members and FFA youth. As they purchase the animal of their

choice. The owner feeds, waters and cares for the animal all year and also breaks or trains the animal to

show, and then sell that animal during the Bates County Fair’s Junior Livestock Sale. This process teaches

responsibility and has also provided funds for the sale for a first car or college tuition. We remind you that

these 4-H members and the FFA youth of today are the adults of tomorrow. Attend the 2021 Junior

Livestock Sale Friday, July 9th at 7:30.  

 This Bates County Fair information is provided by the following businesses or individuals that support the fair through the platinum sponsorship level. Their contributions provide funds for the annual expenses of the Bates County Fair. Remember to thank the following local businesses or individuals that are providing this information.

Pioneer Seed, Clayton McElwain & Brice Fischer

Patricia Pike, MO House of Representative, District 126

Osage Valley Electric Cooperative

Nieder Seed Sales