Bates County Fairground Improvements coming soon

Exciting things are happening at the Bates County Fairgrounds. The new building is in the process of being built. It will be exciting for you all to see when you arrive next week at the Bates County Fair.

New power is also being installed in the barns. Unfortunately, the barn and electricity will not be completely ready by next week. There will be pens/stalls available first come first serve. Bates County Fair Committee will have some power in the barns, but not at full capacity.

Please bring generators if you have them. The power that is there will be for the ones without generators. You may stall off your trailers or use the pens/stalls. Again pens/stalls will be available on a first come first serve basis at the Bates County Fair.

The animals may stay overnight, but you do not have to keep them there all week. The animals will need to be present for the auction at the Bates County Fair.

Please share this information with your fellow club members. SPREAD the word. Bates County Fair is look forward to seeing you all next week. Good luck!