Bates County Health Center Looking for Assistance with Covid Vaccinations.

The following information has been released from the Bates County Health Center. If you are a licensed healthcare provider certified to administer vaccines the center is looking for a few good men and women.

The Butler Health Center is hoping to get a mass COVID vaccination event here in Bates County, but in order to do so they have to be able to provide 10-15 vaccine administrators over about and 8-9-hour time frame.

If you are retired, work part time or don’t work any longer and you would be willing to volunteer  let them know. The Missouri  National Guard will provide many of the event duties but vaccinators are the responsibility of the county in which it is being held.

A mass vaccination event would greatly increase the amount of vaccine that would come into Bates County and speed up the administration to those wanting it.

Without the volunteers they will not be able to move forward with this event so share this information with anyone you know that is licensed to administer vaccines and you think would be willing to help!

 email if you could be added to the volunteer vaccinator list.