Bates County Health Center makes Changes in Covid Procedures

On December 7th Local Public Health Agencies (LPHA) across the state of Missouri received a letter from Missouri Attorney General, Eric Schmitt, regarding a November 22nd court ruling (Robinson v. Missouri Dept. of Health and Senior Services, 20AC-CC005115). In this ruling, a Cole County Circuit Court Judge removed the authority given to the state and local public health agencies for quarantine under 19 CSR 20-20.010, CSR 20-20.020 and 19 CSR 20-20.030. The Missouri Attorney General is upholding this local court ruling and has informed LPHAs that, “You should stop enforcing and publicizing any such orders immediately.”

As of Monday, December 13th the Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services (DHSS) has not provided any guidance to the LPHAs on the numerous interpretations of this ruling. Therefore, the Bates County Health Center will make the following changes:

• Individuals that test positive for COVID-19 will still be

contacted by their office and they’re recommendation will be to

visit the CDC website ( for guidance for


• No close contacts will be notified by Bates County Health Center office.

• No further posting of current number of cases, deaths, etc.

• No letters for work or school absences will be issued.

For additional answers to questions pertaining to this situation, please contact the DHSS COVID Hotline (877-435-8411) or the Missouri Attorney General’s Office (573-751-3321).