Bates County Health Center on Covid19

What do they know about COVID-19 testing and contact tracing?

• It can take anywhere from less than 24 hours or up to five to seven days before the local health department receives the positive results

• If you were tested in another state it may take up to two weeks before that positive result is routed to the local health department

• Not all lab results have the correct personal or contact information on them which delays the ability of the local health department to reach you

• Many people avoid answering the phone or don’t/won’t give complete information about their signs/symptoms and about close contacts

So, if you test positive remember Bates County Health Center may not get the results for several days so the best things you can do are:

• Once you go to be tested initiate self-quarantine until you receive your test results–that is do not go to work, school, or visit with others outside of your household

• If your test results are positive begin isolation away from others

• Begin to determine who would be considered a close contact to you beginning 48 hours BEFORE your symptoms started or if you are not having symptoms, 48 hours BEFORE you were tested

• Once you receive a positive test result, reach out to those close contacts that you have identified and inform them that they have been exposed and they should begin quarantine

Once the local health department receives the positive results, you will be contacted for further instructions regarding isolation, quarantine for household members and to gather information on your close contacts.

Every small step that individuals make add up to big steps to slow the spread!