Bates County Industries Recycle Bins

Bates County Industries is open and back to accepting recycle products.   24 hours a day access to the bins on the west side of the building.  They request you put all recycling in bags or boxes.

The vendors have changed the rules on some things they can accept.  If you have any questions  do not hesitate to phone.

Bates County Industries will  accept:

Plastics #1 and # 2

Corrugated cardboard and Paste Board

All paper products including magazines, books and newspaper.  

Textiles: shoes, clothes, hats, belts and purses

They  purchase aluminum cans / call for pricing

They accept glass in their  glass bunker North of the building.

Items that Bates County Industries  cannot accept:

No commercial chemical jugs.

No 5 gallon buckets

 No pot aluminum ( this is what dog and cat food are made from )

No aluminum foils

In the glass bunker we cannot accept porcelain, mirrors, shatter proof or tempered glass.

If you need help unloading, they will assist Monday thru Thursday 8:00AM till 2:00.  Bates County Industries in Butler is closed on Fridays.

                                                Bates County Industries

Providing dignified employment opportunities for adults  with disabilities

                        Located 1 mile west of business 49 on TT in Butler MO.