Bates County Memorial Big and Loud Therapies

LSVT Big and Loud Therapies at Bates County Memorial Hospital Help Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

A new, specialized therapy program available at Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) Rehabilitation Services is helping people with Parkinson’s Disease improve speech and movement functions. The program is called LSVT Big and Loud, and it involves two separate therapies, customized to the patient’s unique needs and goals.

As of this summer, five therapists on staff at BCMH Rehab Services have earned certification for LSVT Big or LSVT Loud. Few hospitals or rehabilitation centers in the U.S. are able to offer LSVT Big and Loud therapies. BCMH therapists are eager to bridge the gap for people with Parkinson’s Disease in Bates County and surrounding communities.


A person with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) gradually loses the ability to move and speak as they once did. They may not even realize that they are not moving or speaking normally.  LSVT Loud trains people with PD to regain their normal voice and tone when speaking in their home, workplace or community.  

“When a person is unable to visit with their family and loved ones, they often feel lonely and left out. LSVT LOUD helps bring them back into social situations. It really opens up their world.” said Kristie Condon, a speech therapist at BCMH certified for the LSVT Loud program. 


Simple movements are a big challenge to people with PD. They may not know how to turn their body from side to side, or simply get out of bed.

“As Parkinson disease progresses, a person may have a slow shuffle to their step. Their body is no longer moving freely as it once did. With the BIG program they can begin to stand tall and walk with their head up,” Kristie explained.

The LSVT Loud and LSVT Big programs include 16 one-hour sessions each. A certified LSVT therapist works with the patient to customize treatment to the patient’s immediate needs and goals.  The patient is also asked to perform exercises and other practices at home as part of the treatment program.

Normally, a caregiver is allowed to attend therapy sessions with the patient. Because of COVID-19 precautions, BCMH therapists make sure caregivers have the information they need to support and encourage the patient at home.

BCMH has taken additional steps to protect patients who come to the hospital for treatment. In Rehab Services, a new HEPA filter sanitizes the speech therapy room between each patient.

LSVT Big and Loud treatment programs are covered by Medicare. Contact BCMH Rehab Services at 660-200-7073 for more information about the LSVT Big and Loud program or insurance coverage.

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