Bates County Memorial Hospital Accepting Medical Grade Personal Protective Equipment

At Bates County Memorial Hospital, staff must wear a mask at all times, and some of the employees MAY wear cloth or homemade masks IF they are not involved in patient care or contact. Give some love to the Emergency Department night crew, a few of whom are modeling homemade masks made and donated by Bates County Memorial Hospitals  own Mike Williams, admissions clerk in the emergency room.

All Bates County Memorial Hospital patient-care employees are using appropriate hospital-issued personal protective equipment (PPE) for all contact with patients. If Bates County Memorial Hospital runs out of medical grade face masks, their caregivers may use the homemade face masks to extend the N95 mask use. Other hospital staff who do not provide patient care are currently using homemade cloth masks in the facilities.

Like many other healthcare facilities in the nation, Bates County Memorial Hospital continues to practice judicious use and appropriate re-use of the emergency cache to conserve what they have for potential surge. Bates County Memorial is accepting donations from the public of medical grade Personal Protective Equipment such as N-95 respirators, nitrile or latex free disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and oral digital thermometers. They are also accepting homemade cloth masks as it is unclear when they will receive their next supply of face masks from the suppliers.

Last week, the CDC changed their recommendation on wearing masks. Everyone should wear a mask in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please visit the CDC website for complete guidelines:

Pictured, from left: Glen Sadler, RN; Dan Hatten, RN; Mike Williams, ER Admissions; Cliff Hewitt, RN; Sandy Bean, ER Admissions; Holly Partridge, ER Tech.