Bates County Memorial Hospital Board Member Spotlight: Jim Shade

The Board of Directors of Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) provides a significant service to our hospital and community. This month, BCMH recognizes Jim Shade, who has served as a board member since 2005, and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.

The issues before board members are extremely complex.  Board members must act in the best interest of both the hospital and the community.

“We do more than expected because we care more than expected,” Mr. Shade stated.  “My goal, and the shared goal of the hospital board and its management, is to improve lives.  We need each other to succeed, so we hold ourselves and each other accountable.  We nurture a supportive environment and find strength in our togetherness.  I am proud to help provide exceptional health care to the people of Bates County.”

As elected officials, BCMH board members serve five-year terms, and oversee such matters as making strategic decisions for the hospital, hiring and monitoring an effective CEO, ensuring the hospital is providing quality care, overseeing the hospital’s financial well-being, staying educated in healthcare industry news and best practices, and being a representative of the hospital in the community. They delegate the responsibilities for the hospital’s day-to-day operations and decision making to the chief executive officer and the hospital’s management team.

In addition to monthly meetings, board members serve on committees that usually meet at other times.  Currently, Jim is a member of the Building Utilization, Finance, Quality Management committee.  Members also are expected to attend educational programs that provide them guidance on governance responsibilities and keep them up to date on issues facing hospitals throughout the country.

Jim’s career as a pharmacist brought him to BCMH in 1975, and a few years later, he became co-owner of a pharmacy located on the downtown square for over 40 years. He served for five years on the board of the Bates County health department in the 1980s. Jim and his wife, Beverly, raised two sons in Butler. Jim and Beverly still reside in Bates County, and they often travel to see their two young granddaughters in Kansas City. The hospital medical staff, employees and volunteers thank Jim Shade for his service.