Bates County Memorial Hospital: Celebrating Patient Access Week 2020

Bates County Memorial Hospital: Celebrating Patient Access Week 2020

Join BCMH in recognizing our patient access employees for Patient Access Week, April 5-11, 2020.

In the face of our quickly changing healthcare environment, there is one constant: the Patient Access department.

The first interaction patients have often begins with the Access department, which makes it so necessary to have a friendly face to connect with.

“We look for positive representatives with a friendly demeanor when hiring,” says BCMH Access Manager Mark Mancuso. “Our access team also raises the bar to provide a personal escort for our patients to ensure they arrive safely, which provides an increase in our already Exceptional Patient Experience.

Now more than ever, patient access staff members must be ready to handle a variety of situations and tasks.

“It has been proven that skills can be trained, but kindness and warmth must be present for the first impression. Our job is to ease their concerns in a caring and efficient manner,” Mancuso said.

BCMH is proud of our employees who are handling the front lines of our hospital and clinics with grace and courage. Once this crisis has abated and life returns to normal, the entire Patient Access Staff will gather to enjoy the company we’ve missed during this time.

Bates County Memorial Hospital Patient Access Team:

Sandra Bean, Emergency Room

Shelly Cummings, Emergency Room

Pamela Gray, Emergency Room

Kyrsten Jacobs, Emergency Room

Lauren Jeter, Emergency Room

Teri Porter, Emergency Room

Amy Shelton, Emergency Room

Paula Underwood, Emergency Room

Michael Williams, Emergency Room

Carol Bell, Outpatient

Gay Keene, Outpatient

Abby Perryman, Outpatient

Jamie Roberts, Outpatient

Cheryl Bently, Patient Benefit Analyst

Kaitlyn Payne, Patient Benefit Analyst

Michelle Triebel, Patient Benefit Analyst

Sandra Cameron, Specialty Clinic

Tricia Kantor, Specialty Clinic

Nataushua Kennedy, Specialty Clinic