Bates County Memorial Hospital Covid19 Vaccine Update

Bates County Memorial Hospital announces Good news! The state of Missouri will proceed to Phase 1B for high-risk individuals on Monday, Jan. 18. However, as of today, SUPPLY is still an issue.

It is up to the State of Missouri to send out the vaccine and establish locations. Bates County Memorial Hospital has signed up to be a vaccine location and has ordered vaccine, but as of today, we do not know when it will arrive, and they have been given no timeline as to when we will receive it.

BCMH does not have the appropriate, ultra-cold storage for the Pfizer vaccine, and are waiting for our order of the Moderna vaccine – like most rural areas – that only require refrigeration.

In addition, Bates County Memorial Hospital do not yet know if our area will receive vaccines at the same time as urban areas.

Please continue to be vigilant with infection prevention measures and watch for notices and updates regarding vaccine availability.