Bates County Memorial Hospital, Know Before You Go

Bates County Memorial Hospital wants to make sure you be aware that companions of adult patients will be asked to wait in their vehicle rather than in the waiting areas during a patient’s visit. Adult patients should plan to enter the hospital and clinics alone, when possible. Bates County Memorial hospital understands this may not be in the best interest for some of their patients, so exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis for adult patients who need extra assistance. Children should be accompanied by one parent or guardian.  Hospital staff will gladly provide assistance needed for patient care. Call ahead if you are a caregiver and need to make arrangements.
Emergency Room: 660-200-7010
Hospital: 660-200-7000
Nursery Street Family Care Clinic: 660-200-7133
High Street Family Care Clinic: 660-200-7135

As Bates County Memorial Hospital begins to offer more in-clinic services, they are maintaining careful infection control guidelines. They know it’s not convenient, but your help with these new procedures is very much appreciated. You can visit the Bates County Memorial Hospital website at before you arrive to review the current visitor and patient guidelines.