Bates County Museum Minute: Amsterdam-Hail the Small Town

THE BORDER BANNER newspaper dated September 29, 1933 was an issue Dedicated to the History of Amsterdam.  The town was founded September 30, 1891 and the front page article declared Hail the Small Town!  The article takes note of the Great Depression and how many folks had moved to cities in search of work.  The final sentence thought is hopeful seems to resonate even yet today.

The disillusioned folk who thought that the bright lights were what made life worthwhile will soon be drifting back to the country, eager to capture once again the peace, the sincerity, the integrity, the gladness that abides where neighborly comradeship is possible.

The Museum will have a booth at the 44th Annual Amsterdam Jubilee this Saturday, September 26th.  Get outside and enjoy the last days of September.  Stop by our Booth and say hello.  Be thankful for the blessings in your lives and ‘Hail the Small Towns’ of Bates County!

Courtesy of Mid America Live, and Peggy Buhr BC Museum Director