Bates County Museum Minute: This Week in History

Last Days of April and First Days of May…

1872 – The Bates Co Record newspaper has the story of some Cass Co officials trying to abscond with Tebo & Neosho railroad bonds.  They are taken off a train near Gunn City and shot, the bonds brought back to Harrisonville.  This same railroad had berm & grading done through East Butler.
1879 – Hannah & Shaw are digging a 1,000 gallon cistern under their new building site at the East end of the North side of the Butler square.
1885 – Members of the Butler Silver Cornet Band parade through Butler streets to show off their new uniforms.
1885 – 9 freight cars are derailed on the Missouri Pacific railroad, 3 ½ miles North of Butler, when the engine strikes 4 horses about 4 AM.  The passenger train, following the freight train, is delayed several hours.
1908 – A terrible hail storm flattens the Pleasant Gap area.
1915 – Today is Hume’s annual clean-up day when all outhouses are to be cleaned and disinfected, by proclamation of Mayor Billings.
1918 – 19 more prime Bates Co young men depart on the 10:45 am train for Camp Funston at Fort Riley, Kansas for their military duty.
1895 – Luther Parks & Ezra Parks, brothers living 7 miles Northwest of Butler, have a fight over a horse they are training.  Luther shoots Ezra dead with a shotgun.  Luther is arrested and will probably be taken back to the asylum, where he’s been twice before.
1882 – Messrs Hagedorn and Suden, of Jefferson City, purchase the photo gallery on West Ohio Street, Butler.
1892 – Charles & Laura Conklin buy lots 19 & 20 in Passaic, for the building of the Passaic Union Church.
1882 – Jack Bailey, of Rich Hill, catches a 33 pound sturgeon fish in the Marais Des Cygne River, east of town. 

And finally, a local baseball report from The (Adrian) Journal, 1915:
Buckeye Joe and his forty and nine baseball cohorts met and defeated Harry K West and his gallants on the Adrian diamond Wednesday by a score of 13 to 0.  Buckeye Joe says that his men would have won 101 to 0 but the game lasted only four innings.  Harry K says that Buckeye Joe and his men are wind-jammers and not ball players, that he had but four men and this was only a practice game, and swears that he and his men can walk on Buckeye Joe’s neck in a fair game.

Courtesy of Mid America Live

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