Bates County Museum Minute: Treasures in Print ~

The Museum is home to thousands of artifacts and some of the most extraordinary are in print… books.  Books that now are rather rare and highly sought by collectors.  Prices for these amazing pieces of ‘art’ can run from a few hundred dollars all the way to thousands. 

On particular book in our collection was donated by Mrs. Nell Henry in the 1960s during the early days of the Museum’s founding.  The big book, covered with a cellophane type material, is in fair/good condition.   Carl and Nell (Austin) Henry were primary benefactors, providing many artifacts and very generous financial support when the Bates County Historical Society & Museum was established.  The book is titled, “Studer’s Popular Ornithology – The Birds of North America,” and it is magnificent.  Close to 700 birds are described by author Jacob Studer with 119 crayon plates drawn by illustrator Dr. Theodore Jasper.  The book, measuring 12” x 15”, was published in 1878.  Without doubt, it is one of the Museum’s most exquisite print artifacts.  

Museum Minute is courtesy of Mid-America Live