Bates County: Personal Property Tax Deadline, December 31st.

A reminder for those of you that haven’t paid your Personal Property Taxes, the deadline is quickly approaching. There are a few changes this year. A few reminders for those still needing to pay before the December 31st 2020 deadline.

Personal Property Taxes will now be paid at the Administrative Office on the southwest Corner of the Butler Square. There is an outside drop box on the east side of the Administrative building. The Bates County Collector’s Office will be open on Thursday, December 31st. At this time the office is open for traffic, We remind you, that due to Covid-19 They suggest you try to pay these taxes early and avoid long lines in case of added restrictions due to COVID-19.

For those mailing last minute taxes, on December 31st . Remember,  the post office postmarks anything dropped in the outside mailbox after 2 m on December 31st with a January 1st 2021 postmark date.

If you are mailing your Bates County Personal Property Taxes at the last minute, you will need to go inside the Post Office to make sure the Post Master adjusts the stamp to reflect the December 31st postmark date.

Any mailed from the outside mailbox at the post office after 2 pm will have a postmark date of January 1st and those late payments will be subject to fines.

The deadline to avoid penalty is Thursday, December 31st. Payments must be made at the Administrative building on the Southwest Corner of the Butler Square.