Bates County Polling Places for April 5th


ADRIAN PRECINCT: Adrian R-3 School-Old Gym (Library Entrance/Flag pole) Hazel Street, Adrian *Parking in gravel lot on Hazel Street (NO LONGER VOTING AT THE OPTIMIST BUILDING!!!!)  All voters in the Adrian R-3 school district vote here.  (NO BALLOT FOR ARCHIE R-5 VOTERS)

AMORET/AMSTERDAM PRECINCT: Miami R-1 School,7638 NW State Route J, Amoret, (Miami R-1) (NO POLLING PLACE AT AMORET OR AMSTERDAM!!!!!)  Voters in the City of Amoret, City of Amsterdam, and Homer, Charlotte, West Point, Elkhart Townships vote here.  Note: All West Boone Township votes at the Drexel Community Center in Drexel.     (NO BALLOT FOR CITY OF AMSTERDAM VOTERS)

BALLARD PRECINCT: Ballard School, 10247 NE State Route 18, Butler (Ballard R-2) All voters in the school district vote here.    (NO ELECTION FOR APRIL 2022!!!)

BUTLER PRECINCT:  YOUTH BUILDING, BUTLER FAIRGROUNDS, East Nursery Street, Butler (Butler R-5) All voters in the school district vote here.    (TEMPORARILY VOTING AT THE YOUTH BUILDING AT THE BUTLER FAIRGROUNDS!!!!!)

DREXEL PRECINCT: Drexel Community Center, 410 E. Bates, Drexel (Drexel R-4 & Miami R-1) Voters in the City of Drexel, Village of Merwin, and all West Boone Township vote here. 

HUDSON PRECINCT: Hudson School, 15012 NE State Route 52, Appleton City, (Hudson R-9) All voters in the school district vote here.   (ONLY SHS ROAD DISTRICT VOTERS WILL VOTE)

HUME PRECINCT: Hume Legion Hall, 9355 SW 1ST Street, Hume (Hume R-8) Voters in the City of Hume and Howard and Walnut Townships vote here.   (ONLY CITY OF HUME VOTERS WILL VOTE)

RICH HILL PRECINCT: Rich Hill High School Auditorium, 703 N 3rd, Rich Hill (Rich Hill R-4) Voters in the City of Rich Hill, Village of Foster, and Osage, Lone Oak, Pleasant Gap, Hudson, Prairie, New Home South, Walnut, Howard Townships vote here. Note: All of Rockville Township votes at Rockville Community Center.

ROCKVILLE PRECINCT: Rockville Community Center, 408 W. Osage Avenue, Rockville (Appleton City R-2 & Rich Hill R-4) All voters in the City of Rockville and Rockville Township vote here.