Bates County Route B Road Closure

Mo Dot

Bates County Route B/Drainage Ditch Bridge

CLOSED East of Rich Hill July 14-16 to

Clear Flood Debris

Where: Bates County Route B/Drainage Ditch Bridge approximately two miles east of Rich Hill

When: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Wednesday-Friday, July 14-16

What: Route B bridge CLOSED to allow MoDOT crews to clear flood debris impacted against the bridge

Traffic Impacts:

  • All Route B lanes CLOSED where crews are working
  • Drivers will have access to driveways at either end of the bridge, but will not be able to travel through the work zone
  • All Route B lanes OPEN during nighttime hours
  • No signed detour
  • Signs and message boards will alert drivers to the work zone
  • Drivers should find alternate routes

Weather and/or scheduling conflicts could alter the work schedule.