Bates County Sheriff Chad Anderson Announces New Community Resource Program

On July 2, 2020 Sheriff Anderson announced that the Sheriff’s Office has created a Community Resource Program for Bates County. For the last couple of years the Sheriff has been wanting a program that would be available to help members of our community prior to the need for law enforcement intervention. Sheriff Anderson had Identified the need for a program that would help individuals who are struggling with addiction along with families who have loved ones who are struggling with addiction. This will be one leg of the Justice system that will work with people to provide resources to help break the chains of addiction prior to an arrest. The Program will also provide family members with resource help in identifying drug recovery programs that fit the specific needs of the individual and the family as a whole. Along with providing drug rehab resources, the Community Resource Coordinator will assist in being a support system that also comes with accountability for anyone who is part of the program.

The Community Resource Program will be available to help with job searches, resume writing and the application process. The Coordinator will also help with housing assistance applications and identifying community resources to assist in families who are struggling.

Sheriff Anderson would like to introduce the new Community Resource Coordinator. Rachelle Mallatt was born and raised in Bates County. Rachelle is on fire to help do her part and help the people of this community in their struggles with addiction or just to get off the ground and get back on track. Rachelle states, “I am excited to get started and to start building the necessary resources to help anyone in the community. I look forward to working with individuals and families, as they navigate the often rough waters with addiction and other needs in our community. I especially look forward to being someone’s accountability partner and support system through this journey.” Sheriff Anderson states, “I have known Rachelle for quite a while now and have watched her amazing transformation. Rachelle is a hard worker and very dedicated in her faith and to our community. She is a perfect bridge between law enforcement and the recovery community as she is a true “been there, done that and living proof it can be done” person.

If you have questions or would like some information on what our Resource Coordinator can do to help you or a loved one, please call the Sheriff’s Office at 660-679-3232 or stop by and see Rachelle at 13 W Dakota in Butler Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm. She can also be reached at