Bates County Sheriff Explains Guidelines Regarding Citizens Safety During Covid-19

I have been consistently asked questions by members of the public about what PPE means and what can people do to help protect our first responders. To educate the public PPE means Personal Protective Equipment. This means face mask, latex/nitrile gloves, hand sanitizers, protective gowns etc. We are being told Law Enforcement needs to procure those items from the open market through normal vendors. We have exhausted all remedies known to us to obtain those items. We are being advised by our state partners that first responders/law Enforcement is last on the list to receive PPEs from the national stockpile.

With this in mind we have changed policies on contact with citizen for non emergency calls for service. We have and will continue to respond to our citizens law enforcement needs. We just ask that you understand that we will do our best to practice the social distancing, not shaking hands, etc. The Sheriffs Office has over 60 essential employees and will continue to have continuity of service. All life threatening calls for service will be handled the same as always.

We ask for your safety and ours please practice good hand washing, limit your unnecessary travel.

If you know of any elderly or compromised immunity individuals who may be afraid to go get medications etc. Please let us know so we can check on them or find services to assist them.

If anyone has leads for safety mask, sanitizing wipes, hand sanitizers we would welcome that information.

Sheriff Chad Anderson