Bates County Sheriff makes Arrest in Amsterdam

On May 28, 2022 at approximately 2300hrs, a Deputy on patrol in Amsterdam attempted to stop a motorcycle for not having a rear taillight and failing to use his signal. The motorcycle was occupied by two people. The motorcycle slowed down and came to a stop in front of the Amsterdam Bar. The female passenger exited the bike and the driver flipped the Deputy off and took off. The Deputy gave pursuit out into the county. During the pursuit the male subject threw multiple items from the bike. The pursuit passed Camp Keirsey and entered onto gravel. The pursuit then traveled northbound onto a gravel road that had a low water bridge. With the recent rain the low water bridge had running water over it.

As both the motorcycle and the patrol vehicle topped the hill and then entered the water the motorcycle begin to hydroplane and slid down on its side. The patrol vehicle also began to hydroplane and struck the rear of the motorcycle. The rider of the motorcycle jumped up and ran south of the bridge then into the waterway and ran east approximately 500 yards down the creek. The Deputy gave chase through the rushing water and was able to take the subject in to custody. After the subject was placed into handcuffs he began to complain of injuries sustained during his failed attempt to cross the rushing waters. Bates County EMS was called and transported the subject to the hospital.

During the clean up of the motorcycle wreck Deputies recovered a 45 cal handgun, drug paraphernalia and several small bags of a crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamines.

The subject was identified as Justin Blake Kimbrough of Amoret Missouri. Kimbrough was released from the Bates County Hospital and placed in the Bates County Jail on his previous warrants totaling $12,000 from Bates and Cass Counties.

Additional Charges from the pursuit will be submitted to the Bates County Prosecutor today for additional charges.

The female does not face charges at this point.