Bates County Sheriff Supports Bates County Fair Youth Council

On 6/6/2022, Sheriff Anderson presented a $15,000 check to Bates County Fair Youth Council and to the Bates County Fair Board. This check was a collaboration among the Sheriff’s Office and those boards to invest in our youth programs for the 2022 Fair year. These programs help encourage and support our next generation of ranchers, farmers, and producers.

This check was one of many financial investments the Sheriff’s Office issued to include sponsorships to many summer youth programs as part of our Community Policing Program. The Sheriff’s Office has made financial donations to summer sports leagues to include soccer, football, swim team, basketball, fishing team, wrestling and baseball.

“Our goal is to encourage kids to put down the phone, get outside and meet other kids and enjoy what summer has to offer”, says Sheriff Anderson. “We are investing in our greatest assets, our youth. We are proud to be involved in our community and as long as our budget supports it, we will continue to invest in our youth programs”.