Bates County Sheriff’s Press Release: Courthouse Security

Earlier this year the Bates County Commission began installing security measures in the courthouse. The security measures included door controls and security cameras. The intent of the security measures was to secure the building and the occupants inside from threats often associated with court proceedings. These security measures will help ensure the safety of employees and the citizens who are there for court.

Effective October 1, 2019 there will only be one entry door for citizens who have business to conduct in the court house. All of the other doors will be locked. Entry will be controlled with security screenings at the North West door. Once you enter through the Northwest corner you will be able to access the elevator and the stairs to the various offices. Everyone who enters the courthouse is subject to search of their persons and belongings.

Prohibited items are not limited to, but include:
Mace or any other chemical spray that could cause injury

We appreciate your understanding of the need to offer safety and security to our citizens and employees who work in the courthouse. We understand that until everyone gets used to the new procedures there will be a delay in getting into the courthouse so we ask that if you are attending court or have business that is time sensitive that you allow yourself a few extra minutes to get through the screening area.