Bates County Sinkhole Update

Wednesday, three geologists from DNR/Missouri Geological Survey brought a special piece of equipment called an ERT (Electrical Resensitivity Tomograph) and set up to get data and a better idea of what might be the cause of the sinkhole that has appeared just south of Rich Hill and east of CR 757 and CR 10008.

The ERT required stringing electrical wires to stakes that were spaced uniform distance apart and carrying approximately 400 volts. Once it was turned on, data was collected to just over 100′ in depth, and east and west of the sinkhole for several hundred feet. Initial readings show a “possible shaft” going several feet down. A second series of test readings will be conducted Thursday to assemble a more detailed report and a final report will be provided to Bates County detailing findings and the recommended mitigation to return it to a safe roadway surface.