Bates County: Voting Information

The Bates County Clerk Marlene Wainscott has released voting information from the Secretary of State John R. Ashcroft.

To vote, you must be a registered voter and this is done through the Bates County Courthouse. To vote at the polls, the new laws state that each voter must present a valid government-issued photo ID.

ID accepted will be a valid Missouri driver’s license, a Missouri non-driver’s license, a U.S. Passport or a military ID.

The 2022 voting laws now state, that if you are a registered voter, but don’t have a valid photo Id there are two ways your vote will count.

If you come back to your polling place on Election Day and show a valid photo ID, your vote will count.

If your signature matches the signature in the voter registry, your vote counts.

The polls will be open on November 8th. This information is important to make your vote count. This information may be seen on the Missouri Secretary of State website or may be viewed again on the 92.1 Website or Facebook page.

Remember to vote this November 8th, polls will be open from 6 am until 7 pm.