Bates County Writers Award

Attention School Officials and Young Writers,

The Bates County Writer’s Award is a $1000 cash scholarship given to the author of the best piece of original prose writing by a high school-aged student who resides in Bates County, Missouri. This year, the selection needs to feature or at least reference to a particular topic.

Topic: Coronavirus, COVID-19, quarantine, pandemic, social distancing, or other related topic.

All manuscripts must be received by the committee by June 1, 2020. The manuscript must not have been submitted for publication to any other entity prior to or while being considered for this award. The sole winner of the award will be notified in the summer of 2020.

All manuscripts must have the attached cover sheet completed. We are waiving the requirements for a school official to sign off on the manuscript this year. The manuscript with cover sheet must be emailed to:

Formatting requirements for the manuscript:

· Typed

· The author’s name must be on the cover sheet only and not included anywhere in the manuscript.

· Pages must be numbered sequentially.

Bates County Writer’s Award Cover Sheet

Title of Manuscript:______________________________________________________

Description of Manuscript:__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Author’s Name (First & Last):_________________________________________________

Author’s Address (Street):_____________________________________

(City, State, Zip):__________________________________________________________


School Name:_____________________________________________

Author’s Date of Birth:_____________________

Author’s Statement: By signing on the line below, I attest that the attached piece of prose writing is my original work, and has not been plagiarized or copied from any source. All quotations and excerpts that are not my own are given proper citation and credit. I verify that the manuscript has been typed and pages numbered sequentially, and that my name does not appear anywhere on the attached pages. The penalty for violation of this author’s statement is the forfeiture and/or return of the cash award, and permanent removal from eligibility for recognition by the Bates County Writer’s Project.


School Official or Witness Statement: By signing on the line below, I verify to the best of my knowledge, that the student:

_____· Currently resides in Bates County, Missouri.

_____· Is enrolled in grades 9-12.

_____· Is the original author of this manuscript.



School:___________________________________________________________________ Position/Relation to Student:____________________________________________