BC Sheriff’s Posse Dodgeball Tournament

The Bates County Sheriff’s Posse invites you, your friends, and your families to the annual Dodgeball Tournament to either compete or spectate, it will be great community fun!

It all starts at 9:00 am March 5, 2022, the competition must be 18 years or older, there will be teams of 6 with a maximum of 10 players per team.

Contestants will battle it out for 7 minutes to get to the top to win the championship!

The cost will be $100 per team, with all proceeds to benefit the Bates County Sheriff’s Posse for training purposes.

If interested contact Deputy Dustin Carver (660)679-3232, or stop by the Sheriff’s Office at 6 W. Fort Scott St. in Butler, or any member of the Posse to get you and your team signed up!

The day will also consist of a silent auction with donated items from local businesses.

That’s the Bates County Sheriff’s Posse Dodge Ball Tournament at 9:00 am on Saturday, March 5th.