BCMH Welcomes Oncologist Jaswinder Singh, M.D.

Bates County Memorial Hospital (BCMH) is pleased to announce Dr. Jaswinder Singh will begin holding weekly oncology/hematology clinics at the BCMH Outpatient Specialty Clinic on July 10. Dr. Singh is affiliated with the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute at HCA Midwest Health.

Dr. Jaswinder Singh is a hematologist-oncologist who also holds board certification in internal medicine. Dr. Singh has dedicated his career to the improvement of the lives of those diagnosed with cancer. He has a specific interest in complex GI (gastrointestinal) cancers. He has been a key leader for the Liver and Pancreas Tumor Board which oversees the treatment planning for hundreds of patients annually. He also works on cutting-edge clinical trials that are leading the way in the fight against cancer.

In the years he has been a physician at Research Medical Center, he has previously served as a Medical Director for the Clinical Trials Program. Dr. Singh remains an advocate for clinical trials for the benefit of the patient and the elevation of therapies in the future.

Offering Diagnostic & Therapeutic Oncology and Hematology Consultations including:

  • Oncology consults for all cancer types
  • Specializing in cancers of the liver, pancreas and GI tract
  • Hematology Consults for all blood disorders

Dr. Singh is supported by his team of oncologists and nurse practitioners, working together to help our patients through their recovery and providing quality, comprehensive cancer care.

Dr. Singh will see patients on Fridays at Bates County Memorial Hospital in the Outpatient Specialty Clinic, and patients will have chemotherapy on Mondays and Tuesdays. To schedule an appointment, call 660-200-7006.