Beware of Scammers

Natural disasters will bring our country together on so many levels. People will stop their lives and travel across the country to help our fellow Americans. That’s what makes America the Greatest Country on Earth. While it brings the best out in good people. It will also bring out the worst scammers and opportunists.

In the days ahead you will see fundraising for the victims, the emergency workers, and aid relief in general. Every year we give billions of dollars to organizations and groups to find out only a small percentage actually helped the devastated areas.

You work hard for your money and your a great person. But do a little research about where your money is going and how much will actually reach the people in need.

We remind you this is the time scammers will hit you and your elderly loved ones that just want to help. We ask that you have this talk with the elderly in your home.

The public service message is from the desk of your Bates County Sheriff, Chad Anderson