Boy Scouts Returning to Butler

Scouting is Returning to Butler!

The Boy Scouts of America, in coordination with the Butler American Legion, is hosting a membership

and leadership drive to form a new Cub Scout Pack in Butler. The meeting will be held at Boy Scouts Hall

at 404 W Fort Scott St, Butler, on Saturday, February 12th at 2 pm. Interested parents with boys and girls

between kindergarten and the 5th grade (5-10 years old) are invited to attend along with their children.

Scouting has been conspicuously absent from Butler since 2019 and has suffered greatly since the

beginning of the pandemic. The BSA is also looking for both new and seasoned volunteers interested in

scouting. If you are interested in bringing Boy Scouts back to Butler attend the leadership drive Saturday, February 12th at 2 pm.