BUPD Day is October 21st. 

BUPD Day is October 21st.  This stands for Buckle Up, Phone Down. 

The Missouri Department of Transportation asks that you accept their challenge and do your part in making Missouri roads safer. 

Right now, Missouri has a “no texting” law for drivers age 21 years and under. But distracted driving isn’t just a young driver problem. Approximately 70% of drivers using cell phones in Missouri traffic crashes were 22 years of age or older. They are challenging all drivers to honor that ban no matter what their age.

The challenge is simple, when you get in to any vehicle, buckle your safety belt and if you are the driver, put your cell phone down, turn it off if you have to.  Every trip, every time.  Then challenge family, friends, and neighbors to accept the challenge themselves.

For more information and to accept the challenge, go to modot.org.