Burglary at Community Food Pantry of Butler

At 12:10am on September 27, 2020 a security alarm at Community Food Pantry alerted to the presence of someone illegally entering the building.  The City of Butler Police department was immediately notified and an officer was first on the scene within a few moments.  The suspect was eventually located in the building and arrested.

Community Food Pantry of Butler would like to thank City of Butler Police Chief Jerret Wheatley and his officers on scene, Bates County Sheriff Chad Anderson and his deputies on scene and the State of Missouri Highway Patrol Troopers on scene.  Everyone responded quickly, were efficient, professional and thorough in dealing with this situation.

The Community Pantry salutes local law enforcement that serve and protect the citizens and their property as they serve the community in providing food assistance to Bates County residents in need.  If you are a Bates County resident in need of food, please call the food pantry at 660-679-3951, Monday through Thursday 8:30am to 3:00pm.