Business Owner Lily’s House want to save you Tax money.

Business Owners… would you consider supporting Lily’s House of Adrian and take control of your tax liability at the same time. Lily’s House was awarded NAP tax credits prior to COVID-19. Now that they are on the other side Lily’s House is once again picking up their efforts to sell their tax credits. The purpose of the tax credits is to pay off the existing structure and build an addition that will allow Lily’s House to impact even more families in the community. Once they achieve their goal they will build a community resource center.

Lily’s House was awarded the 70% tax credits. This means when you buy $1,000 of NAP tax credits you will be awarded a $700 tax credit by the State of Missouri you can use any time over the next five years. You can also use whatever you choose not to redeem as a write off on your Federal tax credit.

There are many more details that Lile’s House would like to share. If you are interested please contact Lily’s House by email at or on their Facebook page and they will send you additional information.