Butler: Bates County Museum Director Peggy Buhr Retries November 1st

For fifteen years I have been blessed and honored to
work at the Bates County Museum. The connection to
this place is strong and I’ve devoted a large part of my
life striving for excellence and to make it better, always
to make it better. It’s been an epic adventure. I am
proud of all we have accomplished and will be forever
grateful to each of you who have come along on this
journey with me.

But, alas, the time has come for me to close the door
on this season in my life. Personal responsibilities,
family matters, and other changes are now the main
priority. I will be working at the Museum through the
first week of November and I hope to see many of you before I leave.
The Board of Directors graciously received news of my retirement at the August Board
meeting. They are now tasked with visioning the future and with finding just the right person
to pick up the mantle and guide the Museum into the future.

The Society has always been blessed with outstanding leaders on the Board and I have every confidence they will provide thoughtful and considerate leadership through this process as well. It’s time for
new creativity, new energy, new ideas, and most importantly, it’s time for a person who is
tech savvy and able to expand the social media footprint of the Museum. Young people
are our future and we must meet them where they are.
As this season of my life draws to a close, I ask that everyone please continue to do all
you can to secure the legacy of this remarkable place. Remember, you are the keepers of
the Museum’s mission: Preserve Our History & Sustain Our Heritage. In saying goodbye,
I extend my profound thanks and most sincere gratitude to you, the members of the Bates
County Historical Society & Museum, and to all the many friends and acquaintances I’ve
come to know. I love you all.

Farewell my friends. My fondest farewell. ~Peggy~
Preserving Our History, Sustaining Our Heritage