Butler Bears Head to Knob Noster Friday Night / Courtesy Admission, Parking and Visitor Information from Knob Noster


Friday, September 1, 2017

Youth Night

Knob Noster Panthers vs. Butler Bears

Butler’s buses should enter and pull around behind the high school to unload and park.

Handicap parking is available.

Butler will dress in the gym boy’s locker room (outside entrance) – Enter the football field through the West end-zone gate.

Butler will warm-up in the East side of the

Officials dress in the PE Coaches Office (outside entrance) west side of gym.


Visiting coaches will have a reserved location on the second level of the press box.

Admission gates are located behind the high school and will open at 5:30 p.m.

Admission:   $4.00 Adults & $3.00 Students

Panthers Stadium Setup:

Visitor’s bench is on the south side (stadium side).

Visitor’s seating is on east side (far end) of the cement bleachers.

Restrooms are located on the south side of the concession stand.

Any organizations wanting to broadcast should contact Adam Easterwood at aeasterwood@knobnoster.k12.mo.us

Game Schedule

5:30 p.m.                         Gates Open

6:25                                    Welcome/Announcements

6:40                                    Teams leave the field

6:45                                    Band enters/ Star-Spangled Banner

6:50                                    Band Forms Tunnel.

6:52                                    Team Introductions

6:57                                    Coin Toss

7:00                                    Kick Off

Halftime (15 min.)   Youth Cheerleaders Dance (4 Min)

Band Performance (6 Min.)

Youth Teams line up during band performance at the West end. (5 Min)

End of Game                 Stadium clean up