Butler Chamber of Commerce Needs Volunteers

 Volunteers needed in your community!!

The Butler Chamber is looking for community volunteers for two upcoming events sponsored by the Chamber.  

The first event that volunteers are need for is the Halloween event on the Butler square October 31st. Even if you cannot be present that day, there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes into these events and you can help the Butler Chamber of Commerce along the way.

The second event that the Butler Chamber of Commerce is needing volunteers for is the Christmas parade.  Again, many behind the scenes that could use help if you cannot be present the day of the event!

Volunteering your time is not easy, they know but your help in the many events sponsored by the Butler Chamber of Commerce is greatly appreciated.

When you volunteer is your opportunity to give your input to these events. Help work to bring something to your community and find reward in the smiles of those around you. The Butler Chamber of Commerce will take all kinds of volunteers and will not turn you away if you want to work more than 1 event.

You can message about volunteering for these 2 events via the Butler Chamber Facebook page. You can also call the Chamber during office hours. If the Halloween or Christmas events do not interest you but you still want to volunteer… They have other events and committees that would love to hear from you.

Come have fun with the Chamber, volunteer some time, meet some people in your community and bring a smile to someone’s face.