Butler Chamber of Commerce News from August 24th Meeting

The Butler Chamber of Commerce met on Thursday, August 24th for a special breakfast meeting! During the meeting many things were discussed and many speakers spoke.

The meeting was opened by Butler Chamber of Commerce Vice President Heather Diehl by discussing the direction of the chamber and things that the chamber is planning to do.

After Diehl opened the meeting, the following speakers spoke at the meeting each discussing a different topic: Shayla Sparks Bates County Economic Developer, Seth Black of Community First Bank, Chris Benjamin of RC Road Lawyers, and Bates County Commissioner Larry Hacker.

Shayla Sparks spoke on the Job Fair happening on October 3rd and that she is working with Crystal Ross Yoakum of the Nevada Job Center. Sparks also mentioned that Bates County is up to 85% of those that are “work ready”, which shows new businesses coming in that Bates County is a Work Ready Community.

Seth Black discussed loans and what those who plan to borrow need to know before walking into a bank.

Chris Benjamin discussed how to protect yourself legally before opening up a new business or starting an LCC Corp. He also talked about making sure you have a good marketing plan before you begin your adventure in being a business owner.

Bates County Commissioner Larry Hackler discussed ways that the community can work together to do what is best for Bates County as a whole.

Butler Chamber of Commerce Vice President Heather Diehl closed the August 24th meeting by voicing the chamber’s desire to become a progressive and forward thinking organization. Diehl also explained that anyone who has any ideas on things the Butler Chamber of Commerce can do to better the community should reach out to the Butler Chamber of Commerce.