Butler: City Code Enforcement Regulations for Homeowners and Renters

The city of Butler has rules for Homeowners, Renter’s and Landlords regarding the amount of debris and the heights of yard grass inside the city limits. You might want to keep in mind these rules are enforced by the Butler City Code Enforcer for the city of Butler. To avoid a penalty or ticket ,here are some friendly “ did you know” information from the City of Butler’s Code Enforcement.

  1. Grass in your yard should not be allowed to grow past 7 inches in height.
  2. Appliances, furniture, junk and other miscellaneous items should not sit on your curb for an extended period of time.
  3. There are regulations for residents that park inoperable or disabled vehicles on their property.
    If the vehicle, has flat tires or the yard grass is growing around or under the vehicle.. these are signs that the vehicle has been on the property to long and should be moved to another location.
  4. One main concern for the city street department is yard debris from mowing your yard. That debris overtime, plugs or clogs drainage ditches. Yard clippings and leaves accumulate, over time the yard waste actually clogs the drainage ditches causing a backup for storm drains and plugs city pipes. The City of Butler requests that you mow your ditch to the inside of your lawn and not into the street… as this is also a hazard for Motorcycle riders and can actually result in the driver to losing control of the motorcycle.
    Yard Grass in a residents ditch will eventually plug the drainage ditch. The city asks for residents to blow the grass and leave debris back into your yard with a leaf blower or broom.

  5. This information will be helpful tips to avoid the City of Butler Code Violation and ticket.