Butler City Council Meeting

In the regular session of the Butler city council meeting, it was reported that discussions regarding what to do with the former pool building on south High Street may include making it a storage facility. Also discussed was removing the ‘humps’ in the yard west of the facility that were previously used as part of the skate park. A formal decision on the fate of the property is expected soon.

In the absence of Mayor Henry, Mayor Pro Tem Denny Rich, who is also member of the airport commission, reported to the council that the new airport beacon has been installed and pavement repair is ongoing. Also discussed were accommodations for ag pilots and it sounds like an agreeable arrangement will be made soon. With KC Skydive, ag pilots and steady transient traffic, the airport is quite busy at times and the need to safely accommodate everyone is a high priority.

It was also announced the citywide Fall cleanup date have been set- September 12th through 16th for homes north of Fort Scott and the 19th through 23rd for all those south of Fort Scott. The rules for what can be picked up will be the same as in the past, and will be available in an upcoming issue of the News-Shopper.

Butler City Council also touched on a nuisance property at 408 W. Pine that has been slated for demolition will begin soon.

A much needed new bucket truck should arrive August 22nd and on a related note, repairs for the ‘digger’ truck used to set poles was approved for $11,568.94. Parts alone for the unit was about $9,000. Still much cheaper than replacing the truck.

Butler Councilman’s stated that replacement and repair of the fire station roof remains a high priority and while bids have been received, discussion was tabled until the next meeting as clarification is needed.

Butler City County held a hearing regarding the .6536 tax levy which is slated to bring in about $304,000 this year, which is about $15,000 more than years past. There were no public comments, and the levy was approved.

The Butler police department reported 652 calls last month along with 41 reports filed and 3,208 non-emergency calls. Also related, the new dispatch radio console is being built and should be installed by Fall.

Kaysinger representative Ryan Peters is scheduled to speak on November 3rd to discuss the first draft of the Comprehensive Plan for Butler, everyone is urged to attend and provide as much feedback as possible.

The Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm, upstairs at city call. The public is highly encouraged to attend.