Butler City Council Meeting Summary from Ward 4 Councilman Dale Newkirk

From the Desk of Ward 4 Councilman Dale Newkirk

Brief summary of a long Council meeting.

Mr. Yoder from KC Beef asked the city of Butler to consider allowing them to amend their zoning application. Instead of slaughtering live animals on site, they would instead just continue to process or cut and package custom meat for local farmers. The council rejected this request by a vote of 3 for and 4 against.

Butler City Council next voted and passes unanimously ordinance 1132 allowing the city to move 200k to the 15 fund. This is a reserve fund for emergency expenses. Two years ago, when Mr. Newkirk was elected the city had no such fund. The current Butler City council realized the importance of having reserve funds available for major unforeseen expenditures that are not in the budget.

Ordinance 1133 was a vote on the 2021/2022 budget, which passed unanimously. This is the most fiscally responsible budget to date. Butler City Council has cut expenditures to the bone, without sacrificing many of the extra services provided to the citizens.

Ordinance 1134 is an ordinance approving a lot consolidation for Mr. Jones.

The city of Butler was provided information by their attorney about the American Recovery Act. This is federal money available to cities for covid relief. Unlike previous federal aid this money bypasses the county and is available directly to cities across the country. Butler City Council will be investigating what expenses are eligible for reimbursement thru this program.

The Butler Health department has some money available to purchase some equipment for the parks department. The Butler City council decided to ask for a wheelchair swing. This would be a swing for people who are in wheelchairs to be able to enjoy. Butler City Council felt they needed to do something for those in our community who could benefit from this.

There was some talk about the need for a sidewalk, and a way for pedestrians to get past the Railroad crossing underpass and out to the west side of town. The city of Butler has had several meetings with MODOT, and it is the Railroad that is always the hold up on this, much needed improvement.

Butler City Council approved the purchase of a machine to basically, sleeve a manhole with concrete. They currently have a huge problem with water infiltration into our sewer system. Every gallon of water that enters the system has to be treated as wastewater and therefore is an added expense. A large part of this extra water is coming into the system through our manholes. Some are so old they are brick lined! Not only is the system taking on large amounts of water some of these manholes are so unstable they are unsafe for Butler city employees to enter. This machine will fix that, and at a price 80% cheaper than hiring an outside contractor to do it for us. This idea is the brainchild of one of our employees who has seen this done in a larger city that he worked for. I really appreciate Trent Diehl, our operations manager, and his staff for bringing cutting edge ideas to the Council to help save the city money. BTW did you know the City of Butler has over 600 manholes?