Butler City Council News

The building at 108 W. Dakota is in danger of collapse, and the city is working quickly to resolve this issue. The owner has been cooperative with the city in regards to assessing the situation, however does not have the financial means to have it demolished, making it the city’s burden to get the work done. The council kicked around ideas about how to recover the cost, but that is unlikely. There will be a special hearing on the 24th to officially declare it unsafe (awaiting feedback from engineer) so the city can move forward on demolition.

Street work has drawn fire from a few residents saying their street needs repair worse than those on the list. First, streets are not being repaved; the work being done is crack sealing and a seal coating which will extend the life of pavement already in place. The school of thought is to ‘save’ the streets while staying within a realistic budget. It was noted that hopefully the city can get back to repaving next year.

Discussion was held on how to make the process easier for citizens to obtain building permits and provide more information as far as what needs to happen once work has begun. More in this in upcoming council meeting reports.

A new computer server is badly needed, the city is getting bids, this is likely to land in the $10,000 range or more.

Ordinance 1119 repealing the requirement in the city codes to wear a helmet was adopted. The new ordinance will put the city inline with the new law passed by the state.

Courtesy of Mid America Live