Butler City Council News/ Dale Newkirk Ward 4 Councilman

From the Desk of Ward 4 Councilman, Dale Newkirk, the Butler City Council Planning Commission met on the 9th about Kansas City Beef, but the agenda was pushed back, due to the fact that the posting for the meeting was not done according to the ordinance. New meeting set for the second Tuesday in March.

The Butler Airport Commission met and chose a new engineering firm. This must be done in accordance with MoDOT to qualify for Grant’s for airport improvements. Typically this is a 90 percent grant which is used for major projects for the airport. BTW some people don’t really understand how important the airport is. Having a good airport is a very important part of attracting major corporations to a smaller remote location such as ours. Case in point, Frozen Food Express is a huge company who is coming to Butler. Having an airport for the executives out of Texas to fly into is very important to our local economy.

Next was the request from Mr. Umstead to install a private septic system on the property he owns in the city limits. There was a lot of spirited discussion on this matter, as some thought the city should make an exception to the current ordinances in place, while others thought it unfair to make exceptions for some people, and not others. A motion was made to allow the Umstead’s to install the private septic system but the motion died for the lack of a second.

Next the Butler planning commission had 3 different lot issues it presented to the council. First was a lot consolidation applied for by Scott Hieman which was approved. Next Toni Huber requested a lot consolidation, which was also approved. Next was the purposed lot split and final plat for the Burger King, which was approved, with much excitement!

The city of Butler was asked to run the city  generators during this peak demand due to the sub zero temperatures. The city is  always trying to keep the peak charges to a minimum for the citizens.

There will be a budget meeting at 7am on the 27th. Just fyi the hard decisions made by the Butler Council last year has paid off. The  financial situation at the end of 2020 was much improved over 2019. The Butler City Council  hope to continue this trend into 2021, to assure the citizens of Butler, that the cities finances are all accounted for and in order.

The Butler city crews have been out in the sub zero weather repairing water mains, keeping the electricity on, and cleaning the streets. If you see one of these guys or gals out in public, please remember to thank them for all they do.

City Council news is a courtesy of Ward 4 Councilman, Dale Newkirk