Butler City Council News from July 20th Meeting

Story Courtesy of Mid America Live

In news from the Butler City Council Meeting held on July 20th

Guest Tiffany Blaser, representing the Bates County Elks, approached the council regarding the Safety Village program that is wrapping up soon. She asked if the city would pay for the kid’s pool day on Friday which would be $137.00 as a donation to the Safety Village program. The city of Butler agreed to incur the cost.

Hackers could cost the city a lot of money, as was the case for the city of Joplin recently. Clerk Corey Snead advised the council again to stay ahead of this issue by doing cyber security updates on city computers which include both hardware and software. Lowest bid for the work is $7,300.00 which is actually a bit less than the guessed $8,000 number presented earlier. The council voted in favor of accepting the bid and getting the upgrades going as soon as possible.

On a related note, the city of Butler carries insurance should a security breach happen which currently is $100,000.00. A more realistic amount would be a million dollars however the city must first pass a security assessment, which it failed previously. The logical approach will be to do the upgrades, pass the assessment, then qualify for a reasonable premium on the $1,000,000 policy.

The city of Butler will hold its annual tax sale for abandoned property in Butler on August 23rd on the courthouse lawn. There are upwards of 10 properties that will be available, and more information will be revealed in the next meeting.

Police Chief Jarret Wheatley reported that a ninth and final patrol officer has been hired. Currently 6 officers are available on patrol now.

Mayor Jim Henry commended local businesses that have joined in paying for pool passes, an effort started by the Tu Casa restaurant that led to many others to join the effort. He also expressed concerns about new strains of coronavirus, we all need to remain vigilant.

The issue regarding the Umstattd sewer issue has been resolved. They will be connecting to the city’s sewer system as they are building a new home in south Butler and previously requested a variance to install a septic tank instead.

Butler has five water storage tanks (towers) and those must be inspected every five years. Time is running short to get the work done and a bid of $8,988.00 was accepted for the work that must be completed by the end of the year.

Also approved was $29,968.78 for new turnout gear for the fire department. $30,000 was originally budgeted for this expense.

The finance committee will meet August 17 to go over the recent city audit.

A long discussion was held regarding political flags around town that display profane words in full view of the public. The Butler city attorney addressed this issue, stating that unfortunately without an ordinance, there isn’t much that can be done. He went on to say that even if there was an ordinance, it could be considered a violation of first amendment rights and the Missouri Supreme Court most likely would judge in favor of those displaying the flags.

Stay involved! The Butler city council meets on the first and third Tuesdays, 7 pm, at the Butler city hall.