Butler City Council Reaches Difficult Decision on the Future of the Senior Taxi Service

During the November 19, 2019 Butler City Council Meeting it was decided and voted on to end the current Senior Taxi service. This was a very hard decision for City Council to make because of the impact the Senior Taxi has on the community. However, over the last few years it has been harder and harder to obtain volunteers to drive the taxi and dispatch. The volunteers have come down to a very small group and this has made it difficult at times to operate the taxi service.

There have also been concerns about the liability issue of the Senior Taxi service. Several accidents have occurred over the last few years. City Council has a concern about the safety of both riders and drivers. City Council hopes that another organization or business might be willing to take on this responsibility and fill the void. The City Council knows that residents depend on this service and this issue was not taken lightly and was very difficult to make. The City Council appreciates everything that all the volunteers have done over the years for the Senior Taxi.