Butler Cub Scouts: 10 More uniforms Needed. Thank you for your donations!

The local Butler Cub Scouts have re-activated and are now under the direction of Cub Master Bob Brown of Butler. The Butler area has not had a Cub Scout Pack since 2019.

A plea went out to the public last week for help raising money to purchase 16 uniforms for the Butler Cub Scouts. Once again the community came to the assistance of the need. As of today ( November 14th ) you have purchased 6 uniforms and only 10 are left on the wish list.

Those that have joined find they are in need of 10 more standard winter Cub Scout uniforms. The cost of a complete uniform…. from the shirt, belt, cap, slide and neckerchief has a total cost of 101 dollars and 90 cents per uniform and for some of these members, it is out of their reach.

Your check or cash donation may be sent Brandi Cox, Butler Cub Scout Treasurer and Den Mother at 508 West Adams Street in Butler.  They hope to have all 16 uniforms purchased by December 20th… just in time for Christmas. Any extra donations will be saved and used for additional scouts that join pack number 4237 in the future.

Thank you from the Butler Cub Scouts.