Butler Elementary Therapy Dog

Butler Elementary School will have a new member beginning Tuesday, March 23rd. The Butler Elementary school has acquired a therapy don. His name is Bos’n (pronounced BO-Sun). Bos’n is a standard poodle that belongs to Mr. Miller and will be living with him on a full time basic. Bos’n will work alongside Mr. Miller each school day. Bos’n has received extensive training through the cares program and is a licensed professional therapy dog. Beginning next week at the Butler Elementary School, They will visit classrooms to introduce Bos’n and discuss expectations. Throughout a typical day, Bos’n will greet students at arrival/dismissal, travel to classrooms and the library, and take breaks in the office. Bos’n will wear a working vest, a short lead and will always be in the presence of Mr. Miller or an adult staff member familiar with him.
Butler Elementary School expects great things from bringing Bos’n into our community and is excited for him to meet the Students.