Butler Fire Department needs your help

The safety of the citizens of Butler is a daily priority of the Butler Fire Department.  In an effort to bring quality fire and safety information to this community the Butler Fire Department has chosen diverse materials provided by the Nation Fire Safety Council, Inc. a federal tax exempt 501(c) corporation.  These materials target areas the Butler Fire Department feels are important for our community and address topics such as smoke alarms, home escape plans, cooking safety and stop, drop, and roll.

As the Butler Fire Department coordinate and distribute the materials, they are seeking your support to make this comprehensive program effective.  The Butler Fire Department is requesting your financial support to ensure the success of their program. Your tax-deductible contribution will be used for their program and kept in our local community.

The Butler Fire Department suggest the following sponsorship levels.

20 children – $80.00

30 Children – $120.00

60 Children – $240.00

75 Children – $300.00

100 Children – $400.00

200 Children – $800.00

500 Children – $2000.00

As an acknowledgement of your generosity, you or your business will be listed as a contributing sponsor on the safety manuals. 

The Butler Fire department will be accepting checks payable to National Fire Safety Council, Inc. and may be mailed to Butler Fire Department, Attention Jason Bennett, Fire Chief, 701 Roberta Road, Butler MO. 64730, or you may call Bonnie at 1-877-435-7777 to donate using your credit card.