Butler High School/ Wesley McDaniel retires

The Butler High School will honor Wesley McDaniel for 50 years of service, this month. Wesley and his wife “ Mona” are both lifelong residents of Butler and Butler High School graduates.

Wesley began his career as a janitor at Bates County Memorial Hospital shortly after graduation. Wesley soon made a job change and began his journey at the Butler High School and is now in his 50th year of service.

His last day will be Wednesday, May 25th. Wesley plans to spend time in the garden, tackle yard work, and schedule many road trips.

The school will host a group retirement party for all the 2022 Butler High School retires. The celebration will be held Monday, May 23rd in the Butler High School Auditorium at 2:30.

Congratulation to all those that retire this term and we wish you the best in your retirement.