Butler: Immanuel Baptist Church needs our help to raise funds for children to attend the Butler Aquatic Center.

The Immanuel Baptist Church of Butler is organizing a fundraising event for the children of Butler. The church will be sponsoring 50 children so they will be able to enjoy the Butler Aquatic Center for the remainder of the summer. To sponsor 50 children the cost will be $350.00. Admission to the Butler Pool is $6.00 per day.  

To date 92.1 is not aware of any other organizations trying to raise funds to get our children out of the heat for the remainder of the summer.

A donation location is being opened today and we will have more information by tomorrow as to where the public can make donations.

In the past, the Butler Youth Advocacy Organization has taken this challenge and raised close to $6000.00 yearly for approximately 91 children to have access to the pool each summer.

This year the Immanuel Baptist Church will take this responsibility and challenge other churches, organizations, and individuals to dip into their funds to help send these children in need to the Butler Aquatic Center.

92.1 will have more information by Tuesday or Wednesday. We thank you in advance, as temps reach triple digits over the next few days, The  Immanuel Baptist Church of Butler hopes, with the help of the community, to have the funds to pay for children to use the Butler Pool.